Hi, hi! Welcome to Liz Voltz Creative!

My name is Liz. I am the food photographer and recipe developer behind the Liz Voltz Creative site. I love food. I love eating food. I love photographing food. I love educating about food. Food is my jam (pun intended).

When I started my business in 2019, I really struggled with whether I wanted to do food photography or food blogging. They both bring me so much joy. I decided not to choose. So, within these four walls of a screen, you will find both beautiful food photography and delicious recipes.


Food Blog

My philosophy towards food is that everyone can cook. When I first met my now husband, his diet consisted of frozen food smothered in mustard. One of the first times we hung out, I made him my humble Spaghetti with Meat Sauce. That’s the recipe that won his heart and the first recipe he learned to cook. Since then, he has grown into an amazing cook, he might even be a better cook than I am (but don’t tell him that 😉 ). Now, he has the confidence to pick up a cookbook and make anything that sounds tasty. While he still smothers as much as he can in mustard, his palate and cooking skills have grown so much over the years. For a multitude of reasons, I am so proud of him.

Watching him grow as a cook made me realize that if he can learn, anyone can. When I started thinking about creating a blog, I was thinking about how so many recipes are intertwined. And really, if you learn just a few skills and techniques you can make a multitude of recipes. Like, if you can make shortbread, you can make biscuits. If you can make biscuits, you can make pate brisée. And if you can make pate brisée, you can make a custard tart. The techniques you learn to make one dish apply to another. And the scary sounding recipes that you thought would be super hard aren’t that difficult.

The recipes that you will find here are doable by everyone. Now, that doesn’t mean to jump right into making an Opera Cake. But start by learning to make a chocolate ganache, and a fatless sponge cake and you are well on your way!

If I had to pick just one, my favorite dish would be: Beef en Cocotte

My go to weeknight dinner recipe: Sweet and Spicy Pork


Food Photography

I love being creative. It’s something that I didn’t learn about myself until I was in my early 20s but now that I know it, I will never let it go. I worked as a web/graphic/UX designer for about 10 years before transitioning to photography. I realized that a corporate environment wasn’t for me, and I needed to transition from that world. Photography has always been near and dear to me but was always a hobby. When I started on my own, I decided it was time for me to embrace photography and move my career in that direction.

If you need help creating mouthwatering photos of your food, you have come to the right place. I love working with clients to bring their vision to fruition. Whether that is a traditional product shot or through a more editorial photograph, I can help bring it to life.

If you are interested in working together, or you just want to say hi, send me an email at hello@lizvoltz.com. I look forward to hearing from you!


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